Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Digital Marketing-some points to ponder.

These days I for sure have much more time at hand than I am used to.Someone used to a heavy load of work,resetting the practise seems like a boring chore.

But every phase in life teaches you something.And I am amazed ,in last two years Indian Medical Practise seems to be totally taken over by digital Marketing.So many business ideas cropping out of it.Good isn't it?But is it?

Though I realized the potential of digital marketing long back in 2008 with website and a blog,even for me the current digital world looks so virtual to the extent of being disturbing.Fake likes,fake comments,fake feed backs and fake recommendations.

Doctors pay huge premium to remain in the top ten of certain sites.And then what?after 6 months or an year or may be two years or will they continue paying it for their whole life to be on top ten?And then what next?There will be a fee hike and their will be more new doctors in the 'market'.More competition. The will  to be in the top ten.And then fee goes higher .Doesn't it sound like a matrimonial site where you become a premium member and your profile comes first.I am not criticising it but then this concept doesn't sound healthy at all.In nutshell this kind of practise isn't a long lasting practise and would be controlled by the parent website.Clever idea but it has it's flaws as far as doctors are concerned.

Now a much more ethical dilemma.So the patient record is stored in the companies cloud.Which means people other than the treating doctor has access to the medical information of the patient.So what happens to patients confidentiality?I don't think the doctors who are using these services have thought about it.Well ....well ....the world has become a really chaotic place.May be I am getting Old and outdated :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

IVF India :-)

Am very busy trying to juggle things to settle down back to the India Grind.My pace of life is hundred times more and so is the rate of heart beat what used to be in Australia.But still I felt like writing this piece.It solves two purposes - Tells my blog readers of my upgraded skills and willingness to help them in infrtility treatment (not necessarily IVF).It doesn't mean that if I can Perform IVF now,all my patients have to have IVF only as treatment and also majority of subfertile couples are treated with simple helps like life style modifications,timed intercourse and help with ovulation.

Second and other important reason why I am writing it is my personal experience with Infertility treatment in India or for that matter world over.It has been the niche Sub specialisation which the people who have learnt it aren't willing to pass on the skills to others.It gives the IVF a mystical Aura.I have been a Lucky Girl and always blessed in life with teachers who took pride in teaching.My Prof a big name in IVF (I don't wish to misuse his name for my advertisement but at the same I hold him in so much regard I can't help but to mention him again and again) made it look all so simple scientific and logical procedure,that I am shocked that how the already existing 'infertility specialists 'make it sound like a rocket Science.OHSS,a deadly complication of Gonadotrophin happens when you pump the Lady with indiscriminate doses not realising the basis of starting  a particular dose in a lady......but that's why you need good teachers who can train you with the reasoning.

Second procedure Picking up the Ovum under Ultrasound Guidance-  of course not as complex as performing a Vaginal Hysterectomy.Much simpler.

Third is ET transfer.Very important step but it is not more complex than a pap smear,just needs some gentleness.

And so much of mystery ???

Paradox of the situation is many Unrecognized substandard IVF centres all over the India.Everyone trying to self learn as those who perhaps know the science better are not willing to teach it.

It is a Market.It is a business. Competition like any other Market.But then we doctors -are we only traders ???Is Money the only driving force?

And this is what I genuinely believe.It isn't a 'digital marketing' tactics.

Friday, May 13, 2016

What is a success?

Two years back when I left India,sale reps from a company Practo would come to me requesting to use there online services,Patient appointments etc.And I remember clearly telling the representative few days before I left for Australia-I won't need it for a while.He wanted to know the reason and I just smiled.And for two years I wasn't so aware of the the India medical digital marketing.Didn't need to.It was chilled and cool being a consultant in Australian healthcare system.You don't need to market yourself.You are assessed good enough to be a consultant by the college and you are as good as any other consultant .

Few days back in Artemis Hospital,one of my old patient visited me(Name not disclosed for confidentiality)I had delivered her first baby.Touch wood they were smooth nine months.This time Pregnant,she tried to find from Max Hospital,Gurgaon and she was told I was not working there any more. So,she looked for me in Practo. And she couldn't trace me there.And then she contacted few Other Gynaecologists before meeting me that day.Now if we leave alone the reason why she researched for me and how she located me etc. what I wish to say is-This is success.In two years this company has been so much of a success that a patient expects to find the doctor n Practo.If that isn't called enterprnual

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bemused Musings

Transitions are always perplexing.It looks just yesterday when I decided to move on to Australia.Make a new start.Explore the new system.Explore a new country and explore a new way of working.

2 years flew away in a jiffy.And again,no compulsions but I decide to move back to India.It looks as if I had never left.Same faces,same emotions,same hospitals.Everything is same but still it is a new beginning. Not as perplexing but still it is an effort.I have no words to thank the Artemis Hospital administration who is helping me in every possible manner to settle down .My colleagues,I must say have been very helpful and and kind.Small gestures but help a lot .

And my patients.Only 5 days of working and I have already met so many familiar faces.Can I thank God enough when they say-Thank God ,You are Back or it is so good to see you back.Really thankful for such kind words.

Restarting the clinic.Every single patient who has been my clinic patient has asked me the time frame.Am trying hard to put the threads together.So much to think and so much to arrange.Manpower or do I say woman power to  decor,all needs a fresh start.Pretty Confusing.After Chilled Australia a bustling India.

I know the musings won't be so confused very soon.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I would be starting my IVF, Obstetrics and Gynaecology practice in India from 05/05/16 at

Artemis Hospital ,Gurgaon as HOD (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) and senior Consultant IVF

Please call /mail

Callcenter@artemishealthsciences.com or, call on +91 124 6767 999.
for appointments.

MY Clinic at Clinic Nirvana would be starting around 15/05/2016 as undergoing renovation currently.I would be updating the appointment number for the clinic soon.At my clinic I would be consulting only Infertility  and non Pregnancy Gynaecology cases.