Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bemused Musings

Transitions are always perplexing.It looks just yesterday when I decided to move on to Australia.Make a new start.Explore the new system.Explore a new country and explore a new way of working.

2 years flew away in a jiffy.And again,no compulsions but I decide to move back to India.It looks as if I had never left.Same faces,same emotions,same hospitals.Everything is same but still it is a new beginning. Not as perplexing but still it is an effort.I have no words to thank the Artemis Hospital administration who is helping me in every possible manner to settle down .My colleagues,I must say have been very helpful and and kind.Small gestures but help a lot .

And my patients.Only 5 days of working and I have already met so many familiar faces.Can I thank God enough when they say-Thank God ,You are Back or it is so good to see you back.Really thankful for such kind words.

Restarting the clinic.Every single patient who has been my clinic patient has asked me the time frame.Am trying hard to put the threads together.So much to think and so much to arrange.Manpower or do I say woman power to  decor,all needs a fresh start.Pretty Confusing.After Chilled Australia a bustling India.

I know the musings won't be so confused very soon.