Friday, May 13, 2016

What is a success?

Two years back when I left India,sale reps from a company Practo would come to me requesting to use there online services,Patient appointments etc.And I remember clearly telling the representative few days before I left for Australia-I won't need it for a while.He wanted to know the reason and I just smiled.And for two years I wasn't so aware of the the India medical digital marketing.Didn't need to.It was chilled and cool being a consultant in Australian healthcare system.You don't need to market yourself.You are assessed good enough to be a consultant by the college and you are as good as any other consultant .

Few days back in Artemis Hospital,one of my old patient visited me(Name not disclosed for confidentiality)I had delivered her first baby.Touch wood they were smooth nine months.This time Pregnant,she tried to find from Max Hospital,Gurgaon and she was told I was not working there any more. So,she looked for me in Practo. And she couldn't trace me there.And then she contacted few Other Gynaecologists before meeting me that day.Now if we leave alone the reason why she researched for me and how she located me etc. what I wish to say is-This is success.In two years this company has been so much of a success that a patient expects to find the doctor n Practo.If that isn't called enterprnual

 success what else is?So much to learn from this incident.

Personally me.I am restarting in India again.When I left ,it was a super busy practice.Would I be able to reach the same heights-well no one knows but probably yes.There are times when I have so many doubts.Why I left India in first place.Then When I was so well settled in Australia I decided to come back for few people so very dear to me.I don't know the answer if this is a correct move.And then I remember the beautiful places I visited in these 2 years.Learnt english with a slang.And last but not the least ,met my Professor-Bill Ledger,who has been such a great influence in my life.Not just he taught me infertility and IVF he also taught me many lessons in patient empathy.I think even I have been a success.May be not as big as Practo but a success none the less.