Thursday, June 23, 2016

Doctor : Please give me a twin.( Can I...May Be I can)

I am an attractive looking female in early 40s.Look younger than my age :)
Still I keep on asking my husband to perform a weight loss surgery on me when he shows me the pictures of people who were Obese and lost many kgs following a Bariatric surgery.I get annoyed and depressed at times or mostly.Being skinny was never my lives aim but to have toned body,6 packs ab and sun kissed skin was.And for a while I think he is giving unfair advantage to his patients. They are more uncontrolled and thus they can have surgery while I am thinner...I have to work hard to get my dream body.

And then comes a lady to me or rather two.Both have one prior baby and they ask me to perform an IVF on them to give them twins.They have got pots of money at home and they wish to have children who can enjoy.Fair enough.Demand is valid.Isn't it?Both these women are my ex patients and I am myself amazed how i managed to conduct so many vaginal deliveries in past.I am impressed by myself.

And I sit down thinking but fertility isn't an issue,how can I perform an IVF with desire to  have twin Pregnancy as an indication?And she cajoles me.Doctor it will be a great help and you know money is no issue for me.Ask whatever you want to.I trust you.And here I am ...she trusts me and how can I perform an un indicated IVF and how do I promise her a twin.The embryos might get implanted or they might not.I can't be so unethical as to put 4 or 5 embryos anyways and then performing the guillotine of reaming 2 or 3 with KCL.Even the Lady got horrified with this thought.Well she was justified in asking.I even got swayed for a while with her authentic demand and then the guidelines and ethics.So a NO.

And I bariatric surgery.I need a personal trainer and not a Bariatric surgeon myself :) :)