Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Freeze the future !! ( All about IVF)

Though there are many moments of my past which I want to vitrify and keep it frozen for ever,take it out once in a while thaw it,feel it and keep it back safely frozen.We all know freezing prevents early decaying or rotting.But this whole paragraph was just a weird imagination of freezing the moments.

Another scenario.A young woman visited for consult and told how young men aren't willing for commitment these days.And being human one ends up having sex with people who don't even commit long term.I could relate what she said with a similar condition in Sydney,where wealthy qualified Ladies in 30s couldn't find a partner to have child with as these 40 plus boys were interested in skate boards,cycling,maintain a physique and a half age trophy wife.

So what?So a very big social dilemma.What happens of women who want children and can't have as they don't have a committed partner or husband?or still further she has either but wants to defer pregnancy for a career she always dreamt of?

There comes the role of oocyte freezing.There are techniques by which the stimulate ovary is used as a site of oocyte retrieval and then the eggs are frozen for ages.Suppose a lady decides to get it frozen at the age of 30 years her egg
will remain 30 year old when she turns 40 years.And thus her  chances of conception by using that stored egg is same as that for a 30 year old lady and not 40 year old lady .Amazing...isn't it.

So if career is important or till you find a proper partner,you can cryopreserve your eggs and make baby when you really want.

And most important is the age of egg for conception.Implantation failures are really a rare cause,otherwise 72 years old won't be getting pregnant with IVF with menopausal uterus
then(of course by donor egg).

This whole process is a reality.I would advise all the young women stuck in a dilemma like this to come and meet me at my clinic and I can enlighten you further.I can even come to your companies to talk about this rather sensitive and important issue.