Sunday, June 19, 2016

How Much Time Have I got Doctor?

It is not an uncommon question encountered by a routine Gynaecologist by Women in her 30s who wants to balance between a career and a family.Do we have an answer?Up to an extent yes but not certainly with a hundred percent certainty.

There is a hormone called AMH -Anti mystery hormone :) .Well this anti mystery hormone is actually called anti Mullerian Hormone.This AMH gives an idea of your ovarian reserve.It would not give any idea of the quality of hormone remaining but will comment on the quantity of ovarian follicles remaining at that particular time.Higher the AMH more is your ovarian reserve and probably you can wait few more years and vice verse.

AMH has other uses too.It is measured by Infertility specialist world over as the baseline which helps us in deciding the starting dose for Gonadotrophins for stimulating an IVF cycle or for that matter even IUI cycle.

Some interesting facts about AMH
AMH can be tested on any day of the cycle unlike FSH
It is higher in women who have PCOS simply because women with PCOS have at least 6 times more antral follicle than non PCOS women(even PCOS has something to cheer up about :) That is why in PCOS the risk of OHSS is more and your infertility professional is super careful about the dose of medication if needed for your ovulation induction.

But remember it the only mystery it clears is the amount of follicles not the QUALITY OF FOLLICLES,which deteriorates with increasing age.