Friday, June 17, 2016

Love,stress and Dhoka (LSD)

Somebody asked me the other day.Doctor,why this sudden rise in abnormal children,Complicated pregnancies and increased conception with IVF?

Well the answer isn't too complex or complicated.Very straight forward.Even you can answer even if you are not a Medico.

The lifestyle has changed a lot in last 10-15 years.People fall in love and then get out of love and then again fall in love and get out of it , till  a women has reached in her 30s.Suddenly you realise the body clock is ticking away and you need to be in long term love and marriage too.(Indian community still is quite conservative.Partners aren't still so much in vogue as are the husbands).What ticks away are your ovarian follicles meant to be the eggs for ovulation and conception and baby.

You can exercise hard,you can get plastic surgery done,you can get office time shots of Botox and look half your age.But remember,you can't fool your ovaries which is loosing hundreds of follicle every month since your birth.And comes a point the quality of eggs remaining isn't of best possible quality,which increases
INFERTILITY,difficulty in conception,structurally and genetically malformed babies and increased rate of IVF Pregnancy or even failed IVF cycles.And that leads to stress,which anyways is no less already with all the approaching deadlines,pending assessments and probable promotions.A dream of moving to foreign land,decreased frequency of sex as it is anyways hampered by the hectic life of deadlines which both partners are living

And suddenly you feel cheated ( Dhoka) by the nature.While you were busy building your career ,Nature was busy stealing your oocytes or deteriorating it's quality.

Isn't the answer very simple and logical?

So do we stop building carriers?Absolutely not !! Do we have answers to deteriorating oocytes or depleting oocytes,a late age possible conception and still get good outcomes?Yes there is .Promise ....will try to give the answers in next post.But goes without saying....Natural way is the best without intervention of an IVF doctor like me.