Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tushar Kapoor-single parent Surrogacy (What do you say) ?

#Tushar Kapoor becomes a dad , came as a surprise to many.First of all congratulations to him and his whole family.And as I clicked on the net to find some juicy gossip about a possible clandestine affair,it turned out to be interesting,informative,bold,unconventional and thought provoking piece of news.Single parent surrogacy!!

Not long back some one wanted to know the rights of single males to opt as an option for surrogacy#.The Indian Law allows an Indian female or male to opt for surrogacy legally.If you are a foreign national ,then you can't get it done in India legally.

The legalities associated with surrogacy is complex world over with no uniform law.India is one such country which allows the intended parents the legal rights by virtue of the contract signed by the surrogate mother.

Those who are curious about how can a male be a single parent..A male can have a Ovum donor,a surrogate mother and his sperm and take help of an # ICMR certified centre to go ahead with a surrogacy.

Single parent surrogacy has many ethical issues.There can't be a right or a wrong answer to them.Here we are taking care of an individuals right  and instinct to have child but at the same time it is also pertinent question.....what about the child?Is it in the larger interest of that child.I am no one to judge and would invite the readers to pour in their comments.

Same sex couples can't have children through surrogacy but if single parents can then obviously there can be loop holes which same sex couples can use to satisfy their parental instincts.And moreover it doesn't make sense either to deprive them of that instinct(but then in India same sex couples will have to wait to get it done legally till it is approved by our judiciary.