Friday, July 15, 2016

IVF Specialist-When you got to sleep ,you got to sleep!

Many a times I have been asked this question-What made you leave your flourishing practice and leave for Australia.And every time I come out with an answer which I feel was the probable reason.But I think the most important reason was deprivation of sleep.Yes,that is true.Readers ,I am sure you all are aware that medicine is a demanding profession.Without going in the data collection of which study shows what about in which country how many hours do the doctors sleep,it is a known fact that a doctor practising Obstetrics is sleep deprived.

In 2007 when I started my private practice ,totally new to Gurgaon and for that matter even Delhi,I had a zero patient base and then it improved.The numbers of emergencies( mostly deliveries) were limited.And conducting a vaginal delivery be it Normal,Vaccum or forceps used to give me an ultimate kick(More techniqualy difficult,more was the kick).......much more that elective gynaecology surgeries including Laparoscopy surgeries as well as uro gynaecology surgery which I was quite comfortable with even then - with what Dr Plemming and Dr Klazinga had taught in United Kingdom.

Slowly by God's Grace the practise improved and so did the number of deliveries.By 2014 ,I was awake almost every night with routine OPDs and OTs as scheduled.There were times I would reach delayed for OPD,with not so happy patients who had their appointments delayed by an hour or more already as I was stuck in Labour ward trying a vaginal delivery.7 years of Obstetrics was taking it's toll.I was still maintain the WHO approved 80 % vaginal delivery rate but that Kick was gone.It was a job ,no more a passion.And when I don't enjoy something just like any other human being I loose interest.It was making me cranky,irritable and bored.Increasing Number of patients didn't excite me any more.It wasn't healthy for me.

And then was the Option to take a break.Move to Australia.Have more regulated hours of work.The famous Work life balance.It was enthralling and rejuvenating. 2 years break helped me a lot.

And then is when I thought,if I wish to have my sleep and at the same time not increase my Caesarean section rates and sleep with a clear conscience.When I know that I didn't use early decelerations as and excuse of foetal distress,when I know that a high head of baby is genuinely a high head of baby when I call it a caesarean, when a thin meconium at 8 cms is no indication for a caesarean
section,I need to reduce the Obstetrics component of my private practise.Very Honestly it wasn't just the love of IVF,treating infertility and the money involved but most importantly ,trying to switch over from a totally unplanned life of obstetrician to a more routine life of 9 am to 5 pm.

Now after reading this post,if you have a question,why did I return back,I am not surprised by your query :) :) Perhaps 2 years from hence I will tell the real reason of my return too ;-) ;-)

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