Friday, July 15, 2016

Miscarriage and Progesterone ( To prescribe or not to prescribe)

This Miscarriage and Progesterone will be as pertinent to me whether I am donning the role of an Obstetrician or of an Infertility specialist.I am sure you know of some one had miscarriage.It is a very common process in pregnancy( as common as 1/4th Pregnancies would end up in termination).Why it happens?99 % as the Pregnancy is unhealthy and nature is trying to save you as a parent and the foetus if it survives undetected from the miseries to follow on birth.So is miscarriage a cause of sorrow or relief?? ( I would come across as ruthless,insensitive person giving such a statement.But this is a fact and how much hard I try to sugarcoat it,facts and statistics still remain the same)

In India ,it is a common practise to get Progesterone levels done,declare that there is a chance of miscarriage and start Progesterone or many times HCG injections.So many times it is done just routinely,randomly to 'prevent a miscarriage'Can miscarriages be really prevented,unless they are recurrent miscarriages where there are some factors in mothers body which isn't allowing a healthy foetus to grow?Or it is a late miscarriage due to incompetent cervix where 'a stitch in time can save nine'.If your gynecologist thinks she can prevent miscarriage by a shot of progesterone,probably she/he can but there isn't a scientific evidence to it.Good part is that Progesterone doesn't harm you or the foetus ,so don't worry even if you are on it.You wish to stop it or continue it,it is up to you.If you are my patient,I will explain you all these details but won't prescribe from my side unless you ask for it.

So is progesterone helpful.Yes it is in IVF conceived Pregnancies where Ovary has been suppressed by medications and there isn't proper formation of corpus luteum due to artificial intervention in the process of conception and after cerclage of cervix.I will write about usefulness of progesterone in one of the posts.

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