Saturday, April 22, 2017

Vaginal reconstruction,Vaginal rejuvenation,tightening of Vagina

Does these name vaginal rejuvenation,Vaginal reconstruction,Vaginal resurfacing,Hymen repair sound familiar.have you heard it recently more often than before

With changing society the current day health requirements are not just about how one feels but also how one looks inside out,top to bottom( literally)

A lot of attention is paid to the genitalia by females as well as males to get aesthetic surgery for private parts.

Though I don't see a compulsion when a lady about to get married comes to me to repair the hymen,but I do understand her judgement and that needs to be respected.A neo hymen needs to be made and yes,it is refreshed and made.

Then comes a Lady with multiple Vaginal births with a vagina and perineum which has naturally gone lax.She feels embarrassed while her husband feels unsatisfied.A minor issue but a major one for the Lady and her husband.Can the vagina be tightened,refreshed where the couple can get for pleasure out of sex to keep a harmonious marital life.Yes surely it can be done. If you feel the need to visit our centre at Clinic nirvana ,I would feel happy to explain you the procedure and how simply it can be done.

At time women have body dimorphism and the go for aesthetic surgeries and private part is no different and have seen many young ladies who didn't like their Labial size or shape.Can we help them.Sure we can

Urinary Leakage ...well mesh surgery as well as  minimal incontinence can be dealt with laser surgery too.

Menopausal lady whose vagina is hormone depleted,gone dry and thinned out and has uneasy buning sensation,she can be helped with laser surgery too by generating new collagen

With many years of  experience in urogynaecology,I find aesthetic gynaecology an interesting part of health care.With new techniques and modalities it is possible to give as much efficacy in vaginal tightening or rejuvenation as one would do after a big surgery  by just a half day or maximum 24 hours or at times 45 minutes of non knife surgery.-Lasers to be precise.

Considering that anything to do with aesthetic surgery or repairs,doesn't come cheap including the Laser machines used.

We also perform hymenectomy in couples who have not been able to consummate marriage due to any reason.

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