Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Chronic Vaginitis

Nothing can be more frustrating that a constantly itchy vagina with a fungal or bacterial infection.What increases the frustration further is one has already visited the best of gynaecologist in the town,has had many courses of anti fungals,antibiotics,many pessaries,potassium permegnate solution and all sort of ph maintaining washes.

By now many sufferers start thinking that their martial life has gone for a toss or they themselves are mentally ill.
Is there anything which still remains to be tried?As a hope of relief comes Boric acid capsules which can be used vaginally for 14 days to get rid to resistant fungal of bacterial infection.Next time you have a similar condition under your Gynaecologist's supervision do try .It should be used as 600 mgs pessary.In India it isn't easily available ,so you can try this product from Amazon which I recently searched online for one of my patients.

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