Friday, June 23, 2017

I am scared Doc!!

Not uncommonly ,couples visit me with a particular complaint after many years of suffering in silence.Health is a state of physical,mental and emotional well being.And unfortunately these co uples though physically healthy have severe emotional issues.

A typical history is where the male is a considerate person and the woman has a fear of painful sex and they are unable to consummate the marriage despite being in relationship for many years.
Most of the time the Lady doesn't have any problem locally but it is the 'fear' .

If you have tried every possible conservative method in the world and still are unable to overcome the fear,visit a Gynaecologist who has some knowledge of urogynaecology. After examination it can be ruled out if there is a local problem and that can be fixed.If there isn't any anatomical problem,then a vaginal dilatation can be performed under anaesthesia.It works as the lady knows that now the dilation has been performed and that helps them overcome the fear.

Lot many time if there is a local scarring an operation called fentons operation which widens the vagina is useful.It is a kind of vaginal reconstructive surgery .

Those who have never faced this issue might find this post surprising but for those it is a real concern,their life is muddled with a problem which they find difficult to share with anyone easily and keep on suffering.

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