Wednesday, August 23, 2017

IVF and the stimulation story

I was trying to explain a very old loyal patient of mine today.For an IUI I can't give you FSH in a dose which hyper stimulates you.And she said why?I said - see that can triplets or quadruplets which can complicate the pregnancy besides Ovarian hyper stimulation which can be dangerous for your life.And her response was -whats the harm in having triplets.In my current state I am willing to take all these possible risks.Well....her current state is a secondary sub fertility.Has a cute little child already.

So what it means is that sub fertility a 'disease' which leaves a couple so vulnerable and desperate that one is willing to take all the risks.

I have another lady under my care.Pregnant with an IVF conception.The dose at which she was stimulated was unheard of.And I had asked -so didn't you get OHSS? She said-yes I did.Was even admitted in ICU for few days,but she still had a sense of satisfaction on her face,as if to say,'' doesn't matter ,it was a small price to have baby'.

It becomes a dilemma as an infertility specialist.What is justified?Infertility treatment is nerve wrecking and costly-an emotional roller coaster too.Low dose stimulation means less eggs but then how can one be oblivious to the mothers health and life.But at the same time a low harvesting of egg means a possibility of repetition .

The evidence based and safe answer is still mild stimulation but I just wonder to a couple badly desirous of conception does this makes any sense?

Probably not for most Indian couples.

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